Argentium Silver: what is it and what makes it a great jewelry metal?

Sterling silver has been a favorite, precious jewelry material for centuries.  When it is freshly polished, the shine and color can be magnificent, but when it starts tarnishing, it can lose some of its glory.  Though many collectors like the patina of slightly tarnished sterling silver, others prefer a highly polished finish.

Introducing Argentium, a silver alloy that substitutes the element Geramium for a portion of copper content used in traditional sterling silver.  Argentium is tarnish resistant, and whiter and brighter than highly polished sterling silver. Middlesex University in London, along with Tiffany’s in NYC, collaborated to invent this revolutionary, modern silver that has taken the silver industry by storm.  More costly than sterling, but still approachable, Argentium is making huge advances in the world of silver.

As a bench jeweler, I particularly appreciate the dynamic working qualities of Argentium.  It solders beautifully and resists firescale during the heat-hardening processes.  Look for the term Argentium in many of my silver and mixed metal jewelry pieces.  Though I provide a polishing pad with all jewelry containing silver, many of my clients never utilize the pad with Argentium surfaces.

Stay tuned as I continue to post about properties and definitions of some of my most popular products and techniques involved in forging and making jewelry.  Questions and answers relating to jewelry are highly welcomed. Happy blogging.  Vickie