Another fun trunk show!

Thanks to all that participated in the latest trunk show. I am busy carving wax and making a line of lost wax cross patterns that I plan to cast later in the month. They will available in sterling, oxidized silver, and mixed metals of sterling and 22 kt gold. I am also setting diamonds and…read more

Family Promise Show was a Success!!

Thanks to all my friends and clients that made the Family Promise trunk show such a success. My inventory has been depleted a bit, but new items are coming soon. Thanks for following me on the site and showing such approval of my work!!…read more

Mountain Brook 75th Anniversary Magazine

I am very pleased to have an ad in the latest Mountain Brook 75th Anniversary magazine. As a new member of the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce, I hope to be involved in the community growth.  Congratulations Mountain Brook!…read more

Stretch bracelet mania!!

Stretch bracelets are popular and can be worn singly or stacked to accent your fashion style. They make an eye-catching, arm candy fashion statement when worn with your favorite jeans or a dressy ensemble.  I combine colorful gemstones options, like Labradorite, Jade and Aquamarine with sterling, Argentium and Gold filled beads.  I search extensively for unusual feature beads to complete my bracelets.…read more

Why do I use 14 kt Gold filled metals and not gold plated?

I am often asked why I use gold filled components in my jewelry instead of gold plated or gold vermeil (pronounced “vermay”), which is gold plated silver.  I find there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding gold filled and gold plated  jewelry.  Let me take a moment to help clarify this confusion. Gold-filled metals are presently regulated by the Federal…read more

Argentium Silver: what is it and what makes it a great jewelry metal?

Sterling silver has been a favorite, precious jewelry material for centuries.  When it is freshly polished, the shine and color can be magnificent, but when it starts tarnishing, it can lose some of its glory.  Though many collectors like the patina of slightly tarnished sterling silver, others prefer a highly polished finish. Introducing Argentium, a silver alloy that substitutes the element…read more