High-quality handmade fashion jewelry.

Jewelry is one of the most basic, yet attractive methods to enhance your beauty. It can express your personality with a bold personal statement, or as a quiet whisper that supports your uniqueness and individuality. Jewelry reinforces your ability to stand out, confident in your mystique. At V Gleissner, we handcraft all our jewelry, ensuring that no matter what item you select, it will become a long-lasting, favorite staple that can be worn time and time again.  We don’t just sell jewelry, we sell extraordinary jewelry, comprised of some of the best materials available in the fine jewelry industry. Solid gold and gold filled metals, Argentium, high quality gemstones and diamonds; these are just a few of the elements used to produce our remarkable pieces.

Especially for you.

Backed by many years of design and manufacturing experience, it is our mission to provide our customers with unparalleled jewelry products. Utilizing numerous hand forged techniques, including metalwork, soldering, hammering, oxidizing and polishing, all pieces are individually created and designed to be among the favorites in your collection. Created with true passion and high-level workmanship, you can trust that your jewelry excels in craftmanship, providing you with a unique extension of your own personality. We create much more than a wearable piece of art for your collection, V Gleissner seeks to design pieces with purpose.

As a provider of hand forged, unique jewelry, we care about your satisfaction. Taking pride in every piece that V Gleissner creates, you can expect hand-made excellence down to the smallest of details. From the way your piece is polished, to the excellent materials used in its creation, we aim to exceed your expectations, designing with the sole purpose of quality: beauty at its finest.

We hope you will fall in love with your newest accessory, and will make viewing our line and reading Vickie’s blogs a favorite.

Thank you for shopping with VGleissner.